Diversity and Health Equity

The special focus of this June 2016 Alert is Diversity and Health Equity with several informational and educational resources on how diversity and health equity impact the health and well-being of the MCH population.

Division of MCH Workforce Development

MCH Training Diversity Resource and WebinarHRSA Disclaimer

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
1:00pm to 2:00pm ET

The DMCHWD has released a new resource designed to share strategies and resources to support MCH Training Programs in their diversity efforts. Learn more about the intent of the resource, suggestions on how to use it, and upcoming virtual office hours for grantees during this webinar.

Diversity and Health Equity in the MCH Workforce Resource Guide (393k PDF)HRSA Disclaimer

Maternal & Child Health Bureau

Highlighting Diversity and Health Equity

Online Resource Page

The DMCHWD has compiled Division Highlights, a series of resources, grantee spotlights, and links related to diversity and health equity on their website.

American Public Health AssociationHRSA Disclaimer

The Impact of Racism on the Health and Well-Being of the NationHRSA Disclaimer

Archived Webinar Series

This 2015 webinar series from the APHA presents 4 webinars about racism’s impact on health and disparities. Slide files used in the presentations are also available.

  • Naming and Addressing Racism: A Primer
  • No Safety, No Health: A Conversation About Race, Place and Preventing Violence
  • Unequal Treatment: Disparities in Access, Quality and Care
  • Racism: The Silent Partner in High School Dropout and Health Disparities

Association of State and Territorial Health OfficialsHRSA Disclaimer

Making the Economic Case for Health Equity: Tribal and State SolutionsHRSA Disclaimer

Archived Webinar

This ASTHO-produced webinar featured an in-depth discussion of strategies used for adoption and implementation of policies and approaches that address health equity and promising practices from federal, state health agencies, tribal entities, and other community partners.

Making the Economic Case for Health Equity: Tribal & State Solutions (YouTube)HRSA Disclaimer

Georgetown UniversityHRSA Disclaimer and MCHB

5-Minute MCH: Cultural Competency

Knowledge Module

This 5-Minute MCH module from Georgetown University and the MCHB presents a series of resources, self-assessments, and learning opportunities about cultural competency.

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthHRSA Disclaimer

Leadership in the Quest for Health EquityHRSA Disclaimer

Presentation Video

David Satcher, 16th Surgeon General of the United States and Founding Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine, spoke on leadership in the quest for health equity as part of the Voices in Leadership series in 2015.

Leadership in the Quest for Health Equity (YouTube)HRSA Disclaimer

Kaiser Family FoundationHRSA Disclaimer

Beyond Health Care: The Role of Social Determinants in Promoting Health and Health EquityHRSA Disclaimer

Issue Brief

Determinants of health, the impact of these determinants on various aspects of health, and a framework and approaches for addressing social determinants of health are included in this brief.

National Association of County & City Health OfficialsHRSA Disclaimer

Roots of Health InequityHRSA Disclaimer

Online Course

This online learning collaborative to offers knowledge to address systemic differences in health and wellness that are actionable, unfair, and unjust. It includes case studies, readings, presentations, and options for completing the course within an interactive group.

Training and Educational

National Center for Interprofessional Practice and EducationHRSA Disclaimer

Exploring the Impact of Aligning Interprofessional Education and Practice on Patient Outcomes WebinarHRSA Disclaimer

Monday, June 20, 2016
12:00pm ET

Presenters will describe the educational needs of aligning IPECP and measuring the impact on patients using Triple Aim as a framework.  The presenters will use their IPECP model as a case study to highlight the influence of interprofessional learners as value-added and discuss meaningful ways that this type of alignment can create healthcare practice transformation.

Coalition for Juvenile JusticeHRSA Disclaimer

2016 Juvenile Justice Youth SummitHRSA Disclaimer

August 2 & 3, 2016
Washington, DC

With the theme, Agents of Change: Rethinking, Reshaping, and Reforming the Juvenile Justice System, this summit brings together leaders under age 25 who are interested in juvenile justice reform. They will gain a better understanding of the current juvenile justice system, examine trending reform topics, and participate in hands-on skill-building activities.

National Adolescent and Young Adult Health Information CenterHRSA Disclaimer

Adolescent Well-Visit Strategies and Evidence-Informed Strategy MeasuresHRSA Disclaimer

Archived Presentation

In May 2016, Charles E. Irwin, Jr. presented at the Title V ESM Learning Lab: Adolescent Health hosted by MCHB.

Funding Opportunities

Health Services and Resources Administration

Healthy Tomorrows Partnership for Children ProgramHRSA Disclaimer

August 2, 2016

This program promotes access to health care for children, youth and their families nationwide and employs preventive health strategies through innovative community-based programs.  HTPCP funding supports projects that provide clinical or public health services, not research projects.  Applications must represent a new initiative or a new component that builds upon an existing program or initiative.

Centers for Disease Control and PreventionHRSA Disclaimer

Surveillance, Intervention, and Referral to Services Activities for Infants with Microcephaly or Other Adverse Outcomes Linked with the Zika VirusHRSA Disclaimer

June 24, 2016

Funds are available to establish, enhance, and maintain rapid population-based surveillance of microcephaly and other adverse outcomes linked to Zika virus infection during pregnancy using an active case-finding methodology; participate in centralized pooled clinical and surveillance data projects; ensure affected infants and families are referred to services; and assess health and developmental outcomes of these children.

National Institute for Health Care Management FoundationHRSA Disclaimer

Grant Program to Support Investigator-Initiated ResearchHRSA Disclaimer

July 11, 2016 (Letter of Inquiry)

This will support research to advance the knowledgebase in health care financing, delivery, management and/or policy. Studies must have the potential to yield insights to have a positive impact on the U.S. health care system by reducing spending, improving quality of care, and/or expanding access to insurance coverage and health care services.

Office of the Assistant Secretary for HealthHRSA Disclaimer

T/TA Project to Support the Title X Family Planning ProgramHRSA Disclaimer

July 18, 2016

An FPNTC-SDI through a cooperative agreement will be funded. This will improve reproductive health outcomes for men, women and adolescents by reducing teen and unplanned pregnancies, supporting optimal birth spacing, lowering the rates of STD, and improving birth outcomes.  It will support the sustained delivery of quality family planning services.

American Academy of PediatricsHRSA Disclaimer

Planning, Implementation, and Resident GrantsHRSA Disclaimer

July 29, 2016

Up to $10,000 will be awarded on a competitive basis to individual pediatricians and fellowship trainees to plan innovative community-based child health initiatives that will ensure children have medical homes, are immunized, and have access to health care services not otherwise available in their community. Resident Grants up to $2,000 will be awarded on a competitive basis for pediatric residents to plan and/or implement community-based child health initiatives. Projects must include planning activities or demonstrate completed planning activities, and may include implementation activities.

National Institutes of HealthHRSA Disclaimer

Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Individual Predoctoral FellowshipsHRSA Disclaimer

August 8, 2016

This award will enhance the diversity of the health-related research workforce by supporting the research training of predoctoral students underrepresented population groups in the biomedical, behavioral, or clinical research workforce. Predoctoral students will have mentored research training from faculty while conducting research projects in scientific health-related fields. The training will enhance their potential to develop into independent research scientists.

National Institutes of HealthHRSA Disclaimer

Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Individual Senior FellowshipHRSA Disclaimer

August 8, 2016

Experienced scientists who wish to make major changes in the direction of their research careers or broaden their scientific background with new capabilities as independent investigators in research fields will benefit from this fellowship.

National Institutes of HealthHRSA Disclaimer

Global Network for Women’s and Children’s Health Research Data Coordinating CenterHRSA Disclaimer

July 30, 2016 (Letter of intent)
August 30, 2016 (Application)

Grant applications from institutions/organizations willing to participate with the NICHD as the Data Coordinating Center  under a cooperative agreement in an ongoing multicenter international research network designed to perform randomized clinical trials, using common protocols, to reduce the major risk of maternal, neonatal, infant, and early childhood mortality and significant morbidity in low income countries are sought.

National Institutes of Health HRSA Disclaimer

Detecting and Preventing Suicide Behavior, Ideation and Self-Harm in Youth in Contact with the Juvenile Justice System

August 7, 2016 (Letter of intent)
September 7, 2016 (Application)

Research to test the effectiveness of combined strategies to both detect and intervene to reduce the risk of suicide behavior, suicide ideation, and NSSI by youth in contact with the juvenile justice system will be supported.