National Center for Medical Home ImplementationHRSA Disclaimer

Enhancing Family Engagement through Quality Improvement (PDF)HRSA Disclaimer

Fact Sheet

Family engagement and family-centered care improves patient and family outcomes, increases family and clinician satisfaction, decreases health care costs, and improves effective use of health care resources. This fact sheet offers lessons learned, tips, tools, and resources from the project for programs, organizations, practices and health care organizations.

Training and Educational

Maternal and Child Health Bureau

EnRICH: Increasing Obstetrics and Pediatric Vaccination Rates through Innovative Digital TechnologiesHRSA Disclaimer Webinar

Monday, August 21, 2017
1:00pm to 2:00pm ET

Low influenza vaccine uptake is a major public health problem. Pregnant women or those planning to be pregnant as well as children 6 months or older should receive the influenza vaccine annually during the flu season, but only 50% of pregnant women and 59% of children do. Attendees will understand key barriers to the vaccination update and learn about a study using a text messaging system that resulted in increased vaccination rates among urban pregnant women and children.

National Academy of SciencesHRSA Disclaimer

Advancing Obesity Solutions through Investments in the Built Environment WorkshopHRSA Disclaimer Webinar

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
8:30am ET
Washington, DC

The NAS Roundtable on Obesity Solutions will conduct a workshop that will explore the roles built environment policies and practices play in the prevention and treatment of obesity. It will highlight promising, scalable, multi-sector strategies to create more healthful and equitable environments covering these topics:

  • Urban planning and design
  • Transportation systems
  • Parks and recreation
  • Food systems

Health Resources and Services AdministrationHRSA Disclaimer

Virtual Behavioral Health Workforce Development ConferenceHRSA Disclaimer

Wednesday, September 13, 2017
11:00am to 5:00pm ET

The HRSA, BHW, DNPH is hosting a behavioral health workforce virtual conference to highlight the accomplishments, best practices, and lessons learned from HRSA’s behavioral health workforce programs. Attendees can register to attend via webinary or in peron.

National Conference of State LegislaturesHRSA Disclaimer

State Approaches to Addressing Health DisparitiesHRSA Disclaimer

Archived Webinar

This webinar explains why state policymakers may consider addressing health disparities, and explore state policy approaches and examples. It shows how state legislators have pursued various policy approaches to reduce health disparities in their communities with strategies such as:

  • Increasing workforce diversity
  • Improving cultural competence in health care services
  • Addressing the social determinants of health

National Conference of State LegislaturesHRSA Disclaimer

Improving Systems of Care for CYSHCN and Autism Spectrum DisorderHRSA Disclaimer

Archived Webinar

Barriers to systems of care for CYSHCN and ASD and strategies states can implement to improve those systems are explored in this webinar. CYSHCN have or increased risk for chronic health conditions and require services beyond that required by children generally, and HRSA estimates there are 9.4 million CYSHCN in the United States.