National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical HomeHRSA Disclaimer

Pediatric Care Coordination – CurriculumHRSA Disclaimer

Revision Released

An Interprofessional Resource to Effectively Engage Patients and Families Achieving Optimal Health Outcomes, 2nd Edition (PDF)HRSA Disclaimer was created through a subcontract with Boston Children’s Hospital and the NRC-PFCMH. It is designed to build capacity among diverse stakeholders (AAP Chapters, MCH Title V/CYSHCN programs, pediatricians, families, and others) through effective implementation of key components of care coordination, collaborative communication within inter-professional care teams, and investment in technology solutions. There are 5 modules:

  • High-Value Integrated Care Outcomes Depend on Care Coordination
  • Developing and Sustaining Strong Family/Professional Partnerships
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Measurement Matters: Creating an Effective and Sustainable Integrated Care Model
  • Using Technology to Improve Care Planning and Coordination

care coordination Title V CYSHCN

Georgetown University National Center for Cultural CompetencyHRSA Disclaimer

Disparities in IDD Services and SupportsHRSA Disclaimer

Resource Guide Series

This series is designed to address disparities experienced by identified populations of individuals with IDD and their families and implement changes in policy and practice to mitigate and reduce such disparities. The guides and video narratives provide a unique exploration of disparities in IDD services and supports from diverse perspectives and offer recommendations that organizations concerned with IDD can do individually and collaboratively to address these disparities.

disparities intellectual and developmental disability

Association of Maternal & Child Health ProgramsHRSA Disclaimer

Breastfeeding & Adolescent Well-Visit ToolkitsHRSA Disclaimer

Implementation Toolkits

AMCHP released 2 new implementation toolkits to help Title V agencies meet NPMs 4 and 10, focused on promoting breastfeeding and the adolescent well-visit. The toolkits provide evidence-based and evidence-informed practices, reports, publications, and other resources that are geared toward each NPM and can be implemented at the state, territory, and community levels. The toolkits include implementation-focused resources and guidance from AMCHP, including AMCHP’s Innovation Station, with contributions from Title V agencies and other partners in MCH. Toolkits on NPMs 1, 6, and 9 are also available.

Title V breastfeeding adolescent health

American Academy of PediatricsHRSA Disclaimer

Adolescent Mental Health Program Components and Behavior Risk Reduction: A Meta-analysisHRSA Disclaimer


A global meta-analysis of mental health interventions for teenagers found the 3 most effective and consistent preventive approaches focused on interpersonal skills training, emotional regulation, and alcohol and drug education. Published in the August 2019 issue of Pediatrics, the review was sponsored by the WHO, with the goal of contributing to the creation of a universal, cost-effective package of evidenced-based psychological interventions to promote adolescent mental health and prevent mental disorders and risk behaviors.

Adolescent health mental health prevention

National Institute for Children’s Health QualityHRSA Disclaimer

Maternal DepressionHRSA Disclaimer

Issue Brief

This issue brief is designed to help mothers, families and family advocates understand the signs of maternal depression and the interdependence between caregiver-child health and well-being. It provides guidance on how mothers can connect with their pediatricians to get the help they need to heal. This brief is meant to benefit those working in public health, as well as families and family advocates. It seeks to identify the key facts and information so that all audiences have a clear understanding of how they can help.

depression mental health

Training & Educational

National MCH Workforce Development CenterHRSA Disclaimer

Applied Methods for Health Transformation Implementation in MCHHRSA Disclaimer

Online Course

The National MCH Workforce Development Center offers an online interdisciplinary course designed to prepare participants to contribute successfully to state and national health transformation. “Applied Methods for Health Transformation Implementation in MCH” is open to any MCH professional interested in lifelong learning and to students enrolled in any of the MCHB-funded Graduate Education Programs to Educate the Next Generation of MCH Leaders (CoE, Catalyst, LEND, LEAH, DBP, MCH Nutrition, and PPC). Course participants may elect to earn graduate credit (1 or 3 credits) or a certificate of completion. There are no prerequisites. Learning is asynchronous with weekly modules and an opportunity to connect with an online MCH community of practice.

The course will be held in fall 2019. Register todayHRSA Disclaimer! For more information, email Rebecca Greenleaf, MPH, Adjunct Faculty in the Department of MCH at UNC-CH.

interdisciplinary course training

Health Care Transition Research ConsortiumHRSA Disclaimer

Call for Abstracts: 11th Annual Research SymposiumHRSA Disclaimer

Deadline: Friday, August 2, 2019
12:00 Midnight PT

HCTRC, in collaboration with the 21st Annual Chronic Illness and Disability Conference, Transition from Pediatric to Adult-based Care, has announced a Call for Abstracts for presentations or posters to its 11th Annual Research Symposium on October 23, 2019, in Houston. The categories of abstracts include:

  • Adolescent/Emerging Adult/Family Experience
  • Continuous Quality Improvement/Program Development/Models of Care
  • Health Provider or Patient/Caregiver Education
  • Health Care Transition Outcomes and Readiness Measures
  • Self-management
  • Mental Health Transition Perspectives (Inclusion of mental health in healthcare transition; Mental health-focused transition preparation and planning)

disability transition

Training & Educational – Webinars

Center for Public Health Continuing Education at the University of Albany School of Public HealthHRSA Disclaimer

Breastfeeding Recommendations for Women Impacted by OUD and Infants with NASHRSA Disclaimer

Thursday, August 1, 2019
8:30am to 10:30am ET

This Breastfeeding Grand Rounds webcast will provide resources for identifying pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women with OUD, strategies and tools for discussing it with them, and approaches to refer them to the most appropriate options for support and follow-up.

breastfeeding opioid use neonatal abstinence syndrome

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesHRSA Disclaimer

A Conversation on MCH in Rural Communities: Charting a Path to Improved Access, Quality, and OutcomesHRSA Disclaimer

Archived Sessions

Held June 12, 2019, these sessions provided an overview of the state of maternal healthcare in rural communities with a focus on access to maternal health services before, during, and after pregnancy. An archive of all sessions is now available. Visit the CMS Rural HealthHRSA Disclaimer web page for their information on rural health.

archive rural health health equity

National Center for Care Coordination Technical AssistanceHRSA Disclaimer & National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical HomeHRSA Disclaimer

Multidisciplinary Care Coordination Training for CMC: The AZ ExperienceHRSA Disclaimer

Archived Podcast

Developed by the NCCCTA and the NRC-PFCMH, this pre-recorded, audio-only podcast is a conversation with leaders from Arizona regarding multidisciplinary care coordination training for CMC. During the session, faculty discuss practical, replicable strategies for implementing care coordination training. This podcast can support pediatricians, state MCH Title V programs, families, and other stakeholders interested in enhancing the medical home model of care.

archived audio Title V care coordination