American Academy of PediatricsHRSA Disclaimer

Resources on Telehealth to Increase Access to Quality Care, Pandemic Stressors Placed on Families with CSHCN and Recommendations for Prevention of Influenza

How Telehealth Can Increase Patient Access to Quality Care, Dismantle BarriersHRSA Disclaimer

This policy statement from the AAP addresses how telehealth can be used to increase patient access to high-quality, cost-efficient primary and subspecialty pediatric care—especially for those in under-resourced areas. The policy also pushes for equitable telehealth access for children and adequate payment for telehealth services.

Family Snapshot Survey During Pandemic Looks at Stressors Placed on Families with CSHCNHRSA Disclaimer

Despite the stress of the pandemic, most parents in households with at least one child with special health care needs felt close to their children during this time and did a variety of activities with them, according to a family snapshot survey. But families in these households also experienced several challenges including high rates of disruption in daycare, health care, and employment, and a loss of technological and therapeutic supports.

Recommendations for Prevention of Influenza for 2021–22HRSA Disclaimer

AAP recommends that all healthy children 6 months and older are vaccinated for influenza this fall as the best protection against the flu, especially now that many children have returned to in-classroom learning.

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Association of Maternal & Child Health ProgramsHRSA Disclaimer

A Roadmap for Collaboration Among Title V, Home Visiting, and ECS Programs (PDF)HRSA Disclaimer


This roadmap is a resource that lays out recommendations and a framework for state ECS leaders, including state Title V and MIECHV program directors, to improve collaboration among early childhood initiatives.

early childhood Title V MIECHV ECS interdisciplinary collaboration

Child TrendsHRSA Disclaimer

The Landscape of Federal K–12 School Health Efforts 2010–2020 (PDF)HRSA Disclaimer


A systematic review of 182 federal programs, initiatives, and funding streams that support school health work was conducted to evaluate how the federal government currently defines, funds, and supports school health. Findings focused on which agencies support school health initiatives, whether funding advances the CDC Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model, how programs overlap or compete, and whether efforts target systemic inequities improvement.

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Marriage Strengthening Research & Dissemination CenterHRSA Disclaimer

Healthy Relationship and Marriage Education Evaluation Data ToolHRSA Disclaimer


For more than 15 years, HMRE programs have taught youth, individuals, and couples how to communicate effectively, manage conflict, identify signs of an unhealthy relationship, and apply skills to have healthy and stable relationships. This HMRE Evaluation Data Tool orients researchers to measures included in these federal evaluations: Supporting Healthy Marriage and Building Strong Families.

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Lucille Packard Foundation for Children’s HealthHRSA Disclaimer

Telemedicine and Pediatric Home-Based Palliative Care: Next Steps for Policy and Practice in CaliforniaHRSA Disclaimer

Issue Brief

This brief summarizes the recent history of pediatric palliative care in California and makes recommendations for improvement. The authors note that home-based palliative care is an underutilized resource for families of children with complex needs, due in part to lack of understanding of the services by families and care providers.

telehealth palliative care CSHCN

March of DimesHRSA Disclaimer

Statement on New CDC Guidance Urging Pregnant Women to get COVID-19 VaccineHRSA Disclaimer

Media Release

This leading organization fighting for the health of all moms and babies issued a statement supporting CDC guidance that pregnant and breastfeeding people, as well as those trying to conceive, should be vaccinated against COVID-19.

COVID-19 immunization maternal health

National Academy for State Health PolicyHRSA Disclaimer

State Strategies to Increase COVID-19 and Routine Immunizations in Advance of Back-to-SchoolHRSA Disclaimer


Amidst changes in the COVID-19 landscape, including navigating surges due to new variants, states are working with local partners to prepare for and implement back-to-school plans, while also anticipating the need to adapt as the school year progresses.

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National Institute for Children’s Health QualityHRSA Disclaimer

Resources on Well-Child Visits and Vaccinations and Increasing Sickle Cell Disease Appointment Attendance

Navigating Well-Child Visits and Vaccinations during COVID-19HRSA Disclaimer

Data shows that fewer childhood vaccinations have been given and many children have fallen behind on their scheduled appointments during the pandemic. Healthcare professionals should utilize the included strategies to work with parents and caregivers to get their children caught up on missed appointments and recommended vaccinations. This article outlines 4 strategies for doing so.

Increasing SCD Appointment Attendance: A Conversation and Facilitation Guide (PDF)HRSA Disclaimer

This guide is written for community-based organizations and other family and patient advocacy organizations to use in group or individual settings. It provides instruction for conducting a discussion, conversation starters, a list of resources, and helping people attend the group with appointments and transportation.

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Training & Educational

MCH NavigatorHRSA Disclaimer

Resilience: Preventing Burnout Among Public Health Professionals, Faculty, Clinicians, and TraineesHRSA Disclaimer


This feature provides learning opportunities for each of the characteristics of the Resilient Individual Framework: emotional control, positive self-regard, sense of purpose, solution focus, sense of well-being and balance, support networks, and reflection and perspective. These opportunities aim to facilitate the translation of science to practice around the complex nature of personal resilience.

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Training & Educational – Webinars

Dialogue4HealthHRSA Disclaimer

Law and Health Equity: A Pathway for Moving ForwardHRSA Disclaimer

Thursday, September 23, 2021
2:00 pm to 3:30 pm ET

Representatives from the PHLP and the NLAPH will explore key competencies for public health leaders in utilizing legal epidemiology as an effective tool for planning and decision-making.

health equity public health law structural racism

Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities National Training CenterHRSA Disclaimer

EDI Webinar Series: Cultural Diversity in Disability & Mental Health ServicesHRSA Disclaimer

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
2:00 pm to 3:30 pm ET

How race and ethnicity can affect services for someone with a disability and mental health concern will be discussed in this presentation. Presenters will offer information for families and direct support professionals to reduce inequality and improve knowledge and services for individuals.

health equity cultural diversity disabilities mental health

National Institute for Children’s Health QualityHRSA Disclaimer

Connecting Providers and Community-Based Organizations to Improve SCD Appointment AttendanceHRSA Disclaimer

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET

This webinar will focus on developing a strong relationship between SCD clinics and the community-based organizations supporting people living with SCD.

SCD community health

Training & Educational – Webinar Archives

Association of University Centers on DisabilitiesHRSA Disclaimer

“Learn the Signs. Act Early.” in Health Care SettingsHRSA Disclaimer

This webinar highlighted the work of pediatricians to integrate “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” resources and tools into their surveillance and screening practices within FQHC settings.

pediatric health surveillance and screening health equity community health

Community-Campus Partnerships for HealthHRSA Disclaimer

Approaches to Advance Health Equity, COVID-19: Kids and Variants

Patient-Centered Approaches to Advance Health EquityHRSA Disclaimer

This August 2021 webinar launched the “At the Heart of the Matter” Webinar Series reviewing the state of cardiovascular disease in the African American community. Speakers presented patient-centered approaches to shape program strategies, research plans, and partnerships.

COVID-19: Kids, Variants, and Do I Really Still Have to Wear this Mask?HRSA Disclaimer

In this July webinar, attendees learned about what to expect for back-to-school fall, COVID-19 variants, and the new safety guidelines for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

community health health equity COVID-19 adolescent health

Dialogue4HealthHRSA Disclaimer

Understanding the Role of Pediatricians and Equity and the Law

Meet the Partner: Saving the Lives by Understanding the Role of Pediatricians in Treating Adolescent Substance UseHRSA Disclaimer

In this August 2021 webinar, the Director of the Adolescent Substance Use and Addiction Program at Boston Children’s Hospital discussed how adolescent clinical services, research, and training reduce and prevent substance use disorders and related behaviors in children and adolescents.

Equity, Structural Racism, and Public Health LawHRSA Disclaimer

During this August 2021 webinar, the PHLP and the NLAPH considered the relationship between health equity and law, the implications of structural racism for health equity, and a pathway that identifies strategies for using law to advance health equity.

adolescent health substance use health equity community health