HRSA Funding Opportunities

Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Innovation Award – General Data/Technology Innovations (Track One)

Applications due: November 26, 2021

The purpose of this award is to fund the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovations by MIECHV recipients that leverage new technology and/or data collection and sharing strategies to improve MIECHV service delivery and extend the impact of MIECHV-funded voluntary early childhood home visiting services.

Track One aims to leverage data- and technology-driven innovations in key priority areas to improve MIECHV service delivery consistent with the service delivery model(s) being implemented.

MIECHV data and technology innovations interdisciplinary collaboration service delivery

ARP Act MIECHV Innovation Award – COVID-19 Related Data/Technology Innovations (Track Two)

Applications due: November 26, 2021

The purpose of this award is to fund the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovations by MIECHV recipients that leverage new technology and/or data collection and sharing strategies to improve MIECHV service delivery and extend the impact of MIECHV-funded voluntary early childhood home visiting services.

Track Two aims to leverage data- and technology-driven innovations in key priority areas to improve MIECHV service delivery, including virtual service delivery, in order to address the impacts of the COVID-19 public health emergency, consistent with the service delivery model(s) being implemented.

MIECHV data and technology innovations interdisciplinary collaboration service delivery COVID-19

Family-to-Family Health Information Centers

Applications due: January 5, 2022

The purpose of this program is to provide information, education, technical assistance, and peer support to families of CYSHCN and the professionals who serve them.

family health CYSHCN

Emergency Medical Services for Children Data Center

Applications due: January 18, 2022

The purpose of this program is to support activities that demonstrate expansion and improvement in the delivery of high-quality emergency services for all children by:

  • Providing independent, comprehensive research support for large multi-center randomized clinical trials and other types of clinical research conducted by and associated with the PECARN
  • Enhancing and collecting performance measure data that align with the combined efforts of the EMSC State Partnership and the EIIC to expand and improve EMSC in states/jurisdictions
  • Collaborating with national partners to coordinate and support nationally representative data collection efforts to assess the expansion of prehospital and hospital pediatric readiness initiatives

EMS pediatric health health care service delivery distance learning

Regional Hemophilia Network (RHN)

Applications due: January 24, 2022

The goal of this announcement is to establish regional networks of HTCs to improve the health and well-being for children, youth, and adults with hemophilia and related bleeding and clotting disorders.

RHNs hemophilia bleeding disorders community health

National Hemophilia Program Coordinating Center

Applications due: January 24, 2022

The goal of this announcement is for one recipient to provide subject matter expertise, technical assistance, and programmatic support to the RHNs through a national coordinating center.

RHNs technical assistance coordinating center community health

Maternal and Child Secondary Data Analysis Research (MCH SDAR)

Applications due: January 26, 2022

The purpose of the MCH SDAR Program is to support applied MCH research that utilizes the secondary analysis of national data sets and/or administrative records to improve the health and well-being of MCH populations.

MCH research secondary data analysis

Leadership Education in Adolescent Health (LEAH) Program

Applications due: February 1, 2022

The purpose of the LEAH Program is to improve the quality of care and equitable access to appropriate health services for AYA by preparing leaders in AYA health through interdisciplinary training at the graduate and post-graduate levels.

quality of care equitable access to health care services adolescent health interdisciplinary training


Maternal and Child Health Bureau

Obesity Prevention in Rural Early Care and Education Settings Compendium (PDF)HRSA Disclaimer

This resource is a selection of recommendations and implementation strategies targeting stakeholders who work with rural ECE providers to support the prevention of childhood obesity for improved MCH outcomes across the life course. The information included in the compendium is current as of fall 2019.

ECE obesity prevention rural health community health

MCH NavigatorHRSA Disclaimer

Advancing Academics: Resources for Students and TeachersHRSA Disclaimer

In partnership with the ATMCH, the MCH Navigator provides ideas and examples for students and teachers to utilize in academic settings. The resources focus on 6 topics:

  • Accessing multiple resources for current and future MCH faculty
  • Integrating self-assessment data
  • Supplementing course content
  • Educating potential applicants about the field of MCH
  • Providing knowledge and skills for internships and field placements
  • Creating new training bundles for focused areas of MCH

workforce development MCH competencies

American Academy of PediatricsHRSA Disclaimer

Resources on Asthma, Allergic Skin Condition Treatments and Children Falling Behind in School Survey Results

Biologics for Asthma and Allergic Skin Diseases in ChildrenHRSA Disclaimer

Published in the November 2021 issue of Pediatrics, the report recommends that pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists work together and be aware of the benefits and risks of medications for their patients.

Survey Finds Many Parents Concerned That Their Children Have Fallen Behind in School During PandemicHRSA Disclaimer

In collaboration with the CDC, PCA America, and Tufts Medical Center, AAP surveyed 3,000 parents and caregivers of children under the age of 18 in November 2020, March 2021, and July 2021. Just over half of all the parents surveyed were concerned that their youngest school-aged child had fallen behind at school. Additional survey results can be viewed in the full report.

asthma pediatric medications allergies COVID-19 education

The Catalyst CenterHRSA Disclaimer and National Academy for State Health PolicyHRSA Disclaimer

Strengthening Title V – Medicaid Managed Care Collaborations to Improve Care for CYSHCN (PDF)HRSA Disclaimer


How partnerships between Medicaid agencies, Medicaid managed care organizations, and state Title V programs can contribute to reductions in duplication of services, enhanced care coordination efforts, and the development of cross-agency programmatic supports to meet physical, social, emotional, behavioral, and socioeconomic needs of Medicaid-enrolled CYSHCN and their families are described.

CYSHCN cross-agency partnerships Title V care coordination

Child TrendsHRSA Disclaimer

Resources on Addressing Food Insecurity and the Foster Youth Strategic Initiative 2020 Evaluation Report

Community-Driven Approaches to Addressing Food InsecurityHRSA Disclaimer

This brief highlights the results of Child Trends’ evaluation of the HFAEE, a program designed to improve nutrition and health practices in ECE centers and the homes of children facing food insecurity in St. Louis.

Foster Youth Strategic Initiative 2020 Evaluation Report (PDF)HRSA Disclaimer

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s Foster Youth Strategic Initiative aims to ensure that older youth in foster care become self-sufficient and thriving adults. This report summarizes the progress made while considering the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of young people, their families, and the systems and stakeholders that support them.

food insecurity adolescent health community health ECE foster youth COVID-19

Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's HealthHRSA Disclaimer

COVID-19 Resources for Children with Special Health Care NeedsHRSA Disclaimer


This compendium of COVID-19 resources was updated in October 2021 and includes information for families, caregivers, state agencies, and advocates of children or specifically CYSHCN.

COVID-19 CYSHCN adolescent health family health

March of DimesHRSA Disclaimer

Resources for Prematurity Awareness Month

Healthy Babies Are Worth the WaitHRSA Disclaimer

This infographic for pregnant people provides information about problems associated with pre-term birth and induction for non-medical reasons.

Prematurity Awareness Month ActivitiesHRSA Disclaimer

March of Dimes has announced a series of activities to deepen the understanding of the maternal and infant health crisis, recommit to the actions and policy changes needed to improve their health, and engage families to support the organization’s critical work.

infant health full-term pregnancy maternal health Prematurity Awareness Month interdisciplinary learning and collaboration

National Collaborative for Improving the Clinical Learning EnvironmentHRSA Disclaimer

Pathways to Excellence: Expectations for an Optimal Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment to Achieve Safe and High-Quality Patient Care (PDF)HRSA Disclaimer


This report is a tool for promoting discussions and actions to optimize the CLE. It frames each of the pathways and properties from the health system perspective, recognizing that health care organizations create and are primarily responsible for the CLE. This focus emphasizes the importance of the interface between learners and the medical centers, ambulatory sites, and other health care settings across the continuum of care that serve CLEs.

CLEs access to care health care services continuum of care interdisciplinary learning and collaboration

National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical HomeHRSA Disclaimer

Building Systems of Services for CYSHCN Year 3 Resource SnapshotHRSA Disclaimer


This snapshot presents a compilation of resources developed by the NRC-PFCMH, a cooperative agreement between the MCHB and the AAP.

CYSHCN community health health care delivery services

Tufts Childrens HospitalHRSA Disclaimer

New Translations of the Survey of Well-being of Young ChildrenHRSA Disclaimer

The SWYC is a freely-available, comprehensive screening instrument for children under 5 years of age. The California-LEND Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles facilitated the translations and back-translations of the SWYC into languages commonly spoken in American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam. Chuukese, Tagalog, and Samoan versions of the 9-, 18-, 24- and 30-month forms have been completed.

child health survey language translation

Training & Educational

National Center for Interprofessional Practice and EducationHRSA Disclaimer

National Center NexusIPE Leadership AcademyHRSA Disclaimer

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
1:00pm to 2:00pm ET

Recognizing the importance of starting with a strong IPE program, the NexusIPE Leadership Academy focus begins with supporting IPE programs in moving beyond traditional models of pre-professional learning to partnerships between community systems, practice, health systems and higher education in order to accelerate a student’s readiness for practice in meaningful ways while adding value to the clinical setting and patients served.

professional development MCH competencies innovative teaching

Training & Educational – Webinars

Maternal and Child Health Bureau

EnRICH: Aligning with MCHB’s Strategic Plan, Preparing a Budget, and Understanding the HRSA Grant Review Process

Wednesday, December 8
3:30pm to 4:30pm

This webinar seeks to provide an overview of MCHB’s strategic plan and highlight key elements/components of a budget justification narrative and the HRSA grant review process. At the end of this webinar, attendees will:

  • Become familiar with MCHB’s Strategic Plan and priorities
  • Identify key components of a budget and budget justification narrative
  • Understand the MCHB/OER/DoR grant review process.

professional development grant writing

March of DimesHRSA Disclaimer

Mom and Baby Action Network Virtual Summit 2021HRSA Disclaimer

Tuesday, November 16, 2021
1:00pm to 4:30pm ET

The virtual summit will convene professionals from cross-sector organizations in the United States to advance knowledge on the policies and programs that can advance maternal and infant health.

maternal health infant health health equity access to health care community health

National Institute for Health Care ManagementHRSA Disclaimer

The Implications of Long COVID for Patients & the Health Care SystemHRSA Disclaimer

Wednesday, November 17, 2021
12:00pm to 1:00pm ET

This webinar will bring together experts to discuss the latest research on long COVID and strategies to support individuals with the conditions. Speakers will discuss:

  • The national effort to understand, treat, and prevent the long-term effects of COVID-19
  • New and emerging data on long COVID in different populations broken down by demographic factors
  • Strategies to address the impact of long COVID on the health care system through federal policy recommendations and payment models
  • A health plan’s efforts to connect individuals suffering from long COVID to care and other resources

COVID-19 health care delivery health equity policy recommendations

Training & Educational – Webinar Archives

Community-Campus Partnerships for HealthHRSA Disclaimer

HBCUs Respond to COVID-19 Part IIHRSA Disclaimer

Webinar Archive

In this October 2021 webinar, students and staff from HBCUs discussed challenges, effective methods, strategies, and outcomes in engaging HBCUs in the fight against COVID-19.

COVID-19 HBCUs community health health equity health disparities

Got TransitionHRSA Disclaimer, Family VoicesHRSA Disclaimer, and Connecticut Kids as Self AdvocatesHRSA Disclaimer

CARES Act Telehealth Project: Improving Health Care Transition Through Tele-Transition ServicesHRSA Disclaimer

Webinar Archive

This webinar from Got Transition, Family Voices, and CT KASA highlighted a new video and social story to help listeners learn about how to engage in tele-transition services to help transition from a pediatric provider to an adult provider.

adolescent health health care transition

National Adolescent Health Information CenterHRSA Disclaimer

The Urgency of and Strategies for Improving Young Adult COVID-19 Immunization RatesHRSA Disclaimer

Webinar Archive

The AYAH-NRC, together with the HRSA, held this webinar featuring a panel of young adults and focused on key strategies for advancing young adult COVID-19 immunization rates.

adolescent health COVID-19 immunization rates